Many fleet managers to not appreciate the value of their claims experience. This should be regularly monitored and actioned to safeguard your business at the time of renewal.

Our insurance providers will review your past claims and ensure that they have all been settled, as well as deal with any outstanding claims. They will assess the risk involved and provide guidance on what technology is best suited to decrease the frequency of your claims.


If one of your fleet vehicles has been involved in a non-fault incident, then our network of claims management companies can assist you in finding replacement vehicles and making sure you get your high-value assets back on the road as soon as possible.


By regularly monitoring your claims experience your fleet managers gain the insight to start building trends and take preventative action to stop this from happening in the future. It also helps prevent excessive reserves protecting your business at the time of renewal.


We make sure you get the best advice for any given claims procedure, working closely with you to ensure your claims experience is managed correctly.