Take care when joining a motorway

The video below shows the moment a forward facing camera caught a Ford Focus hitting the side of a lorry when trying to filter on to the M6 motorway. This dangerous collision is a testament to the importance of driver awareness especially when joining a motorway.

All drivers must be aware that HGVs and larger vehicles cannot accelerate or de-accelerate as fast as small cars, have larger blind spots and therefore, must be given a wide enough berth. We have compiled a list of important things to remember when joining a motorway:

  • Make sure adjust your speed so it matches that of the inside lane of the motorway.
  • Always give priority to the vehicles already on the motorway.
  • Do not immediately cross from the slip road to the second or third lane.
  • Don’t forget to use your mirrors, indicate with a long signal and then manoeuvre.
  • Avoid stopping at the end of the slip road unless the motorway traffic is at a standstill.
  • Take a glance sideways if necessary and do not force your way onto the motorway.

In the video above the vehicle, should have slowed down, waited and taken a space behind the lorry. The driver and his two passengers were lucky to escape unharmed.